Professional Detailer – GOING FULL TIME! 15/07/20

Being a professional detailer has been a dream of mine for so long now. It’s been a rollercoaster since setting up Kumo Detailing back in April 2019. What started as a part time hobby quickly turned into a part time second job. By July 2019 I’d invested in my own unit to work from and since then things have taken off more than I could ever have imagined.

Some of you may or may not know that for the last 17 years I’ve worked as an assistant accountant. After all that time I’ve realised that office work just isn’t for me. I will say though that I have learned some key skills which will apply to my life as a detailer! Things such as attention to detail and not giving up until I’ve got the result I want to name two.

Green Veilside Toyota MR2 outside the Kumo Detailing unit based in Stillingon, Stockton-On-Tees.
Kumo Detailing provides professional detailer services to the North East UK.

So why now?

Well working 2 jobs for 10 months has been hard going. Not only is it exhausting, but it’s frustrating. Having customers wanting services during the day that I’ve not been able to take on due to other commitments. The time has now come for me to make or break as a professional detailer. I’m a little anxious about moving to full time self employment, but with dedication and passion I know I can make it.

I’ve got 4 months left of working two jobs before I can give detailing my 100% attention. This means better services for you. More time for me to get into the nitty gritty without needing a vehicle overnight.

In the interim I will be doing everything I can to get my unit up to scratch. There will be some big improvement coming over the next 4 months to bring the unit up to a high standard.

What’s going to change?

Well in terms of services, nothing much will change. But the difference is that I will be able to offer more extensive work as a one day service rather than requiring a vehicle overnight. This means more convenience for you as a customer. I will also be looking into offering a collection/drop off service and potentially even a hire car for the time your vehicle is with me. All big plans that will unfold as time passes.

The other big change is that I will be able to give more of me to my work. My customers have already been astounded at the service they’ve received, but I’ll be in a strong position to really up my game. I’ll be looking to get some accreditation going on just to give you that further confidence in my services.

This is a huge step forward for me. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all my customers so far who have helped me to get where I am. Here’s to a bright a shiny future!

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