Improving the Workshop

Well whilst the storms have been breaking things, I’ve been improving things. Namely repairing the floor in the workshop and making a nicer waiting area.

The old floor was looking at little tired after I initially moved in and gave it a quick coat. So I have scraped up as much of the old paint as I can to prevent further lifting.

At the same time I have been moving things around and have created a nicer waiting area. You will now be able to sit in comfort, away from the noise of the polishers. There will be a heater added to this room for colder seasons. I will also be putting up a TV to give customers something to watch. This will be linked to a console or Firestick so you can catch up on your favourite TV shows or play a game whilst you wait. Improving the waiting area has been a key task for me as it allows you to relax whilst you wait.

Tea and coffee are available for you to help yourself to, and a new coffee machine will be installed soon.

All in all there is now more room in the main work area, everything looks neater and I think my unit is moving in the right direction.

Now I appreciate the walls are a little bare, so my next move is to get some signage and decoration up to add a bit of colour. I might start a feature wall to showcase cars I’ve worked on.

All of this allows me to provide a better service, more efficiently. A smarter unit always helps to give customers confidence in a business too. Plus it’s better for photos!

As you can see from these pictures, there has been a lot of work done! Here’s where I was before.

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