Why should I use a professional detailer?

You might be sat there wondering why you should be paying more for a professional detailer. There are much cheaper options available. They are usually less than £10 and finished in less than 10 minutes. But are you getting your money’s worth?

What you don’t know is that these quick and cheap methods of cleaning your lead to premature aging, damage and rust promotion. The cheaper option is, as many things in life, not always the best one.

Another big advantage of having your car professionally detailed is how easy it then becomes to maintain. The money you pay for your service will keep your car looking better for longer. Do you pay someone else because you don’t have time? I can clean my own car (large 8 seat MPV) in 20 minutes! How? Because it’s been properly maintained!

How do cheap washes devalue my car?

These cheap quick washes will not properly clean your car. They may take off the surface dirt but it won’t be clean. It takes time, correct products and correct techniques to do a good job. Fine layers of pollutants, brake dust, tree sap and road tar are stubborn to remove. You cannot get them off in 10 minutes.

Then we have the hard to reach areas around doors and tailgates which often get missed. This grime can build up over time and can leave your car looking aged. A professional detailer will ensure your car is thoroughly cleaned, including those hard to reach parts. Not only does it make these areas look bad, they can promote rust!

The harsh chemicals used to quickly remove dirt can soften and dull your paintwork. This accelerates the aging process and promotes rust over time. Softening the paintwork also means it’s easier to scratch and mark. These chemicals are highly acidic and can erode your paint.

The wash mits and rollers used at these car washes are often dirty. A hundred cars could have been through before you. All the grit, salt and dirt from those cars is now embedded in the fibres. This is now getting rubbed into your paintwork! Scratches, swirl marks and marring are likely to occur.

Add all of this together and you get a car looking older than it is. You have a car that is scratched and marred. You have a car that has rust developing around door hinges and wheel arches. Would you pay good money for a car in that condition? No you wouldn’t. So why would you want your car in that condition? It’s your asset, look after it, retain it’s value!

OK, so what does a professional detailer do differently?

As a professional detailer I will give your car three important things that hand/machine car wash do not; time, correct products and correct techniques.

As opposed to the quicker options, I will spend hours on your car. I ensure that all the hard to reach areas are washed properly. Then I go through multiple stages before I start any form of contact wash. I remove as much dirt from your paintwork as possible before putting a wash mitt to the paint. This minifies the damage that can be done and ensures a clean finish.

The various stages undertaken use carefully selected products that are PH neutral and safe to use on your paint. These products will not soften or dull the paint but they will safely remove grime.

I use correct washing practices, along with clean wash mitts to prevent any scratching or damage to the paintwork. Grit guards are used in wash buckets to ensure that any debris collected is rinsed off. These further reduce the risk of damage.

More intense cleaning will include decontamination. Fallout/Tar removers and clay bars will safely remove pollution, tree sap and tar spots. This then allows light to properly reflect off the surface of your paint enhancing the appearance of your car. This intense cleaning is also required for any paint enhancement or correction work. Paint correction removes any previous damage done through poor washing techniques.

Nissan Elgrand E50 at Yakushi Show 2019 Show & Shine

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