Why use a professional detailer?

You might be sat there wondering why you should be paying more for a professional detailer when there are much cheaper options available to you, such as hand car washes, machine washes and jet wash stations. All of these are usually less than £10 and finished in less than 10 minutes.

The issue you may not know is that these methods of cleaning your car can often lead to premature aging, damage and rust promotion which will decrease the value of your car. The cheaper option is, as many things in life, not always the best one.

Another big advantage of having your car professionally cleaned is how easy it then becomes to maintain. All you will need to do after a full protection detail is wash and dry, and it’ll look just as good as when you pick it up from me. The money you pay for your service will keep your car looking great for months to come, and I can even tell you what you need to do to maintain the finish on your car to make it last even longer!

How do they devalue my car?

These quick washes will seldom properly clean your car; it takes time and the correct products and techniques to get off built up grime on your cars paintwork. Fine layers of pollutants, brake dust, tree sap and road tar are difficult to remove, and don’t forget about the hard to reach areas around doors and tailgates which often get missed. This grime can build up over time and can leave your car looking aged.

The harsh chemicals used to quickly remove dirt can soften and dull your paintwork, which accelerates the aging process and promotes rust over time.

Lastly the fibres/brushes used with these types of car wash are often dirty from previous cars, and due to the speed at which your car is cleaned, use too much pressure which creates micro-scratches (swirl marks), or in some case deeper scratches which affect how much light can be reflected, again giving a dull appearance.

As a quick test, after you have had your car cleaned using one of the above methods, use the back of your hand to run across a flat surface of the paint. You will find that the paint is rough to the touch, and although you cannot see it, this roughness is caused by stubborn contaminants that require more time to remove.

As you can see from the above, softening the paint, creating a dull finish, not cleaning the hard to reach areas, and causing micro-scratching all affect the value of your car.

OK, so what does a detailer do differently?

A detailer will give your car a three important things that quicker options does not; time, correct products and correct techniques.

As opposed to the quicker options, a detailer will likely spend a minimum of an hour to clean your car. Ensuring that all the hard to reach areas are washed properly. There will be multiple stages to cleaning including a pre-wash and decontamination before they start any form of contact wash. This prevents any potential damage to the paintwork.

The various stages undertaken will have carefully selected products that are PH neutral and safe to use on your paint. These products will not soften or dull the paint, but will safely remove the build up of contamination on your paint to bring back a great shine.

Correct washing practices are used, along with clean wash mitts designed to lift dirt off the surface to prevent any scratching or damage to the paintwork. Grit guards are used in wash buckets to ensure that any debris collected is rinsed off and not put back on your car, eliminating the chance of micro-scratching.

More intense cleaning with fallout removers and clay bars will safely remove the stubborn contaminants such as pollution, tree sap and tar spots to allow light to properly reflect off the surface which enhance the appearance of your car. This intense cleaning is also required for any paint correction work required, to remove any swirling, micro-scratching and hazing from previous damage.

Using the same test as above, if you were to use the back of your hand to run on a flat surface of paint after a detailing service, you will feed the paint is silky smooth and completely contaminant free. Removing all of this build up grime gives your paint a chance to really shine.

So why should I use Kumo Detailing?

I have been an avid motor enthusiast for 16 years. I have striven to get my own car to a show room finish. I take pride in how my car looks and have often had people ask if my car really is 18 years old or if it’s been re-painted recently.

I want to share that learning with you, to give YOUR car a showroom finish, to help restore value to one of your most valuable assets, to prolong the life of your car and bring back the enjoyment of motoring.

I use locally sourced, specialist products that not only support local businesses but also give your car the best finish possible. These products are not the cheapest available, but they are the best I’ve found, and have been developed by other enthusiasts who aim for nothing short of perfection.

I also aim to educate. I will teach you how to properly maintain and look after your car so that the finish I achieve for you lasts longer, saving you money. I will offer advice on which products to use, demonstrate good washing techniques, and answer any questions you may have.

I am fully insured in my work, so you can rest assured that your car is in the safest of hands.

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