The importance of attention to detail

Travelling at 70mph on a motorway and your wheel bolts are loose. Your kids are in the car. What happens? Dread to think?

You may not really think that your car is something worth keeping on top of. You buy it to get from A to B, and it does so with ease most of the time. You take it in for a service once a year and fix it when it breaks… having your car detailed and thoroughly cleaned might feel like something you’d rather spend money on elsewhere.

Having your car detailed is important for a multitude of reasons. Not only will it help prevent the build up of rust and give your car a deep shine, but it will also give you a chance to ensure everything is as it should be. A detailer, such as myself, will spend a lot of time going over your car and cleaning all the nooks and crannies that get missed with quick home washing, hand car washes or machine washes. I have noticed a few small issues with my customers cars that they would not necessarily have known about, including a loose head bolt on the engine, scrubbing tyres from incorrect set up, loose wheel bolts, and external trim clips that have come loose.

If you don’t have the time to spend looking thoroughly over your car when you are cleaning it, then taking it to a detailer and having them maintain your car means that we get the opportunity to spend an hour or two looking into all these, and we can spot things that you wouldn’t normally see. It’s not a failsafe, we’re not trained mechanics, but we do have a keen eye for detail and will likely spot things you wouldn’t typically see.

Now you may not see these things as big issues, but a loose wheel bolt when travelling at 70mph on the motorway with your children in the car is not something to be ignored. Driving along a road and not being able to clearly see out of the windscreen due to a build up of oily residue on the screen, then having the sun catch it at the brow of a hill and momentarily losing all visibility. Having a tyre blowout because it’s been scrubbing on something and ending up being stuck on the side of a road waiting for recovery, or worse. These are all avoidable situations that can come from spending the time looking over your car, giving it the attention to detail it deserves.

So when you book in for your car to be detailed, it’s not just about making it shiny, it’s about having someone give your car that attention to detail. It’s a part of car maintenance that often goes overlooked. A regular deep clean of your car, engine, door jams etc, will prevent joints from seizing. It can be the difference between a mechanic charging you for an hour to replace a part, or three hours to remove a seized bolt.

Kumo Detailing is a new business, and if I have managed to pick up issues already on customers cars that have come through my doors… imagine how many other underlying issues are out there.

Give your car the attention it deserves, get booked in for a detail.