My Work

Here you can find examples of customer cars after a Kumo Detailing service.

I would just like to point out that NONE of the pictures displayed on this page are subject to any photo editing, other than cropping of the image taken directly from the camera. No digital enhancement has been used, no filters, and no special tricks. I believe that you should be able to look at a picture, and look at your car, and see the same result.

The pictures taken and displayed are before, during and after a service. This gives you the chance to see how the vehicles finish develops from when I get it to when the customer collects.

Volkswagen Transporter T5 – Multi-stage Paint Correction

Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 – Enhance & Protect Detail & Engine Bay

Car Couture Veilside MR2 Turbo – Custom Detail, wheel polish & Interior Detail

Nissan Skyline R33 GTST “TroubleMaker” – Maintenance Wash, Hard Wax, Basic Interior & Engine Bay

This job came with a vlog from Super Coop as well – so check out the YouTube video. If you like what you see, give him a like and subscribe.

Ford Focus RS – Enhance & Protect Detail

BMW 430D M Sport – Enhance & Protect Detail

Volkswagen Transporter T5 – Maintenance Wash

Citroen C4 – Maintenance Wash & Basic Interior Detail

Ford Focus Ecoboost – Enhance & Protect Detail & Advanced Interior Detail

As a note with this car – the exterior was machine polished (as you get in a stage 3 full detail), this was NOT paint correction. You can see just how much of the swirling has been removed and how the paint has been enhanced. Paint correction would remove 100% of the swirl marks.

Vauxhall Astra GTC – Enhance & Protect Detail & Advanced Interior Detail

Renault Megane Mk3 Privilege – Enhance & Protect Detail & Paint Correction

Nissan Elgrand E50 – This is my own vehicle, which has been used as a test bed to develop new enhanced techniques over the last 2 years of ownership.