Additional Services

Outside out of my standard packages, there are additional services you can choose to bolt on, or you can pop down for one of these as a standalone service. Any of the below services taken as part of a detailing package will be discounted by £5.

Engine Bay Cleaning – £25

This service includes a clean of your engine, fully degreased and plastics cleaned and protected.

Engine Bay Clean & Polish – from £35

If your engine has a lot of polished parts (manifolds, pipework, etc) then this is the service for you. You will receive the same clean, degrease and plastic cleaning as above, but I will also spend extra time hand polishing any metalwork to bring back a mirror finish. Price for this will be dependant on the amount of polishing required, so will need to be discussed and agreed in person.

Headlight Restoration & Protection £25

Restore a crystal clear finish to dull yellow headlight lenses. Improve light output, increase safety, enhance appearance.

Paint Protection Film

Please click here to see details of PPF services available.

Glass Ceramic Coating – £50

All exterior glass machine polished to remove imperfections and then treated with 2 layers of special glass ceramic coating to add a super hydrophobic, scratch resistant layer to your glass. Water will bead up and run off when driving, reducing the need for wiper usage.
**NOTE – Vehicle is required overnight to allow ceramic to cure.

New/Refurbished wheel Ceramic Coating – £50

If your wheels are new, or have been freshly refurbished and you are looking to give them the ultimate protection, then this is the service for you. The wheel faces will be cleansed and treated with 2x layers of ceramic coating designed specifically for wheels. This coating will give a protective layer to the finish of your wheels, will stop corrosion from salt/brake dust/road grime, and will keep them easier to clean. Ceramic coated wheels MUST be kept clean (at lease once per week, more often if high mileage).
**NOTE – Vehicle is required overnight to allow ceramic to cure.