Ceramic Coatings

If you are serious about protecting your pride and joy, then this is the product for you. A ceramic coating is a long lasting nano coating that bonds to your vehicle’s paintwork to give you unparalleled protection and a long lasting shine.

Ceramic coatings can be applied to paintwork, plastic, glass and wheels to ensure your car is completely protected.

The benefits of a ceramic coating are:
– Long lasting – up to 5 year protection
– Scratch resistance – help prevent swirls, hazing and micro scratches in your paint
– Hydrophobic – prevent dirt and grime adhering to your car, making it easier to clean with a longer lasting finish
– UV/Corrosion Resistance – Prevent damage from sunlight, salty roads and environmental contaminants
– High gloss giving an unbelievable finish for the life of the product

The coating has a 5 year life expectancy and is guaranteed for 3 years under normal usage.

Due to the life and the nature of the product the paintwork needs to be thoroughly corrected before application can begin. That means that Ceramic Coatings are ONLY offered to vehicles that have been through a paint correction process.

I will need the vehicle to be left with me for 3 nights for ANY of my ceramic packages.


This entry level ceramic coating service is for cars that are already in great condition. Light swirl marks and scratches will be corrected with a single stage cutting process, following by a final polish stage and finished with 2 coats of ceramic including glass.
+£50 for XL Cars


This option is for cars that may have been previously neglected, put through hand car washes, older vehicles or cars that have been subject to any other external damage.
The paintwork will undergo multiple cutting stages to remove up to 90% of imperfections in the paintwork, given a final polishing stage to enhance the final finish, and then given 2 coatings of ceramic including glass.
+£75 for XL Cars

Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating – £50

This can be used as a stand alone option to any other ceramics. The process will include a thorough clean, decontamination and then the ceramic coating applied to the exterior face of the wheel. This does NOT include the inner barrel of the wheels (service to be added at a later date). Vehicle/Wheels will need to be left with me overnight in order for the coating to cure before being exposed to the elements.