Valeting, Exterior Detailing & Machine Polishing

Please see below my current valeting, exterior detailing and machine polishing options. If you want something that you can’t see listed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and we can discuss your needs.

All packages include a pre-wash and safe contact wash.

Extra large vehicles (MPV’s, 4×4’s, etc) will be be subject to an additional fee, see details for information)

BeadMagik Maintenance Wash – 1 hour – £30

Degrease & Snowfoam prewash
Safe Contact wash (inc door jams, boot, fuel cap)
Dried with plush microfibre drying towel
Wheels & tyres cleaned & dressed
Interior/Exterior glass cleaned
Zirconite BeadMagic – 6 month hydrophobic coating
XL Vehicles +£10

Full Valet Detail – 3 hours – £90

Maintenance Wash PLUS:
Deep interior vacuum including footwells, seats and boot
Interior plastics, door cards, seat runners and pedals deep cleaned
Footwell mats removed and cleaned
Seat wet vac / leather treatment
Optional Zirconite 12 month Leather/Fabric protector +£50
XL Vehicles +£20

Protection Detail – 4 hours – £149

Full Valet PLUS:
Fallout & tar removal
Zirconite ZC Boosta 12 month Ceramic Fusion Protective coat
Optional Zirconite 12 month Leather/Fabric protector +£50
XL Vehicles +£30

Machine Polish & Protection Detail – 8 hours – £249

65% to 75% swirl mark reduction

Protection Detail PLUS:
Full exterior single stage machine polish
Optional Zirconite 12 month Leather/Fabric protector +£50
Optional 2 Year Zirconite Nano Glaze +£100 (can be extended to 4 years with annual top up @ £149).

Times quoted are an indication, actual times may vary depending on the condition of the car.
An “excessive soiling” fee of £30 will be charged for cars that are excessively dirty. This includes exterior and interior (pet hair falls into this category).

Paint Correction & Enhancement

Ceramic Coatings

Additional Services

ECU Remapping

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