Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate in paint protection for your car. Think of this as a shield for your paintwork to keep it in pristine condition. This is basically a clear vinyl that is applied to areas of your car that are most prone to damage from stone chips, scratches, and general wear and tear.

The film I use is:
Optical Clear – This means you cannot see it once it’s applied.
Self Healing – If the film becomes scratched or marked, you can use boiling water to restore the finish. You cannot repair any holes made in the film, but it’s very hard to break through
Protects Paintwork – The PPF becomes the first line of defence against the elements and foreign objects that can damage your paint.
UV Filtering – Powerful UV filtration within the film will prevent sunlight damage occurring to whatever the film is covering. This includes paint fade and headlight yellowing.
Easy Clean – Road grime will be easier to remove from any protected surface. The film can be polished and waxed just like a painted surface.

At the moment, the only fixed price service on offer is for headlight protection, but if you are interested in having any other part of your car protected, please do not hesitate to come down for a quote.

Headlight PPF Application ONLY£60
The film will be applied to your headlights exactly as they are. This will protect them from stone chip damage, UV “yellowing” of the lense, and cracking due to sunlight exposure.

Headlight PPF Application & Restoration – £75
Your headlights will be restored with a machine polish before the PPF is applied. If you have yellowed lenses, this will be required before the PPF can be applied.

Bodywork PPF Application – £POA
PPF can be applied to any surface on your car to ensure it is protected against the elements and UV damage from direct sunlight. The paintwork must be prepared properly before application which may require paint correction. Please feel free to visit for a free no obligation quote (booking required).

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